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We design and manufacture dynamic balancing machines, instrumentation and software. Our digital balancing interface EasyBalance 2.2 with Windows software can be used for new or old balancing machines. 

Dynamic balancing machines, instrumentation and software

Fast, Intuitive, Precise.
Instrumentation and software designed for professional balancing applications, but without complicated procedures.
Our hard-bearing balancing machines use piezo-electric force sensors, hermetically sealed, not impacted by temperature, humidity, or magnetic fields. Our instrumentation carries a 10 year warranty and we offer free software updates.

Since our beginnings in the year 2000, BalanceMaster, Inc. has been driven by one goal: Develop a dynamic balancing instrumentation and software package with the best sensitivity, resolution, operator friendliness, and so advanced that dynamic balancing becomes easy, fast and efficient. 

Rather than following the trend of our competition and offering a "large box" approach, with electronics, keyboard, display and everything else packaged inside a big box, we have decided to develop a digital balancing interface which can simply be plugged into a PC via USB, and combined with WINDOWS software so advanced that all balancing aspects become intuitive and as easy as point-and-click. We call our digital balancing interface "EasyBalance 2.2". This instrumentation can be used for any balancing machine, any brand, and any age.

We constantly work on software updates to accommodate customer input and suggestions, and post the newest software for download on our website.

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Here is an example of our software showing dynamic rotor unbalance.
Rather than using a typical polar diagram, we give the operator the option to visualize rotor unbalance in a 3D rotor image. 
This image can be viewed from both sides, and it rotates in synch with the actual rotor. Locating the precise spots for unbalance correction has never been easier.

Modernize any dynamic balancing machine
Instrumentation and software upgrade package for all balancing machines

Dynamic balancing:
Professional results, easily accomplished

Our instrumentation and software package is specifically designed for all dynamic  balancing machines, regardless of brand, make or age. 
We have developed special input amplifier circuitry to ideally match existing unbalance sensors for all different sensor technologies. Our balancing instrumentation does not require external pre-amplifier circuits for piezo-electric sensors, for instance.

Available in different speed ranges,
covering 50 RPM up to 800,000 RPM
Standard speed range: 100 to 10,000 RPM

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Dynamic balancing machines for small precision high-speed rotors

Desk-top horizontal and vertical balancing
machines designed for the most demanding dynamic balancing of small, precision, high-speed rotors

Ventricular Assist Devices
Dental turbines
High-speed scanners
3D cameras
Robotic miniature motors
Bullets and ammunition (extreme target accuracy)

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Dynamic balancing machines

Desk-top balancing systems

2-plane measuring capability even with extremely narrow planes, made possible by true force-sensing dynamic balancing platform design and advanced EasyBalance instrumentation system.

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balancing machine for hard disk drives

Horizontal dynamic balancing machines

Horizontal balancing machines
Desk-top balancing machines
Floor-standing balancing machines    

Combination-drive (both belt- and end-drive)    

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Vertical dynamic balancing machines, desk-top

Desk-top vertical balancing machines   

1-plane and 2-plane systems

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vertical balancing machine

Vertical dynamic balancing machines

Floor-standing vertical balancing machines
Floor-standing vertical balancing machines with drill press  

1-plane and 2-plane systems
Manual or air-actuated clamping

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